About Russell Lands On Lake Martin

Russell Lands is a company of unique vision, diversity, and service. We understand that maximizing the Lake Martin experience goes beyond just offering world-class homes and neighborhoods, but rather creating experiences and companies that help people solve problems and celebrate relationships. Russell Lands has also established a proud tradition of promoting conservation and thoughtful use of Lake Martin's natural resources. Russell Lands is dedicated to preserving and accentuating the natural world around Lake Martin, ensuring its beauty and recreation for years to come.

At Russell Lands, we believe that our past serves as a roadmap to our future. Check out how Russell Lands On Lake Martin has evolved over the years.

    • 1846 - J.J. Benson
    • 1876 - Benjamin Russell
    • 1923 - Russell Hospital
    • 1925 - Governor William W. Brandon At Cherokee Bluffs
    • 1926 - Final Spillways Are Closed
    • 1917 - Kowaliga Academic and Industrial Institute
      1927 - Hotel Camp Dixie
    • 1948 - Kowaliga Roadside Park
    • Hank Williams Cabin
    • Willow Point Golf and Country Club
    • Ben and Luanne Russell
    • Lake Martin - Children's Harbor
    • The Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children

Leadership Passion and Dedication — A Russell Lands Tradition

Russell Lands On Lake Martin attributes its success over the years to the uncommon vision and unwavering commitment of its people. Meet our corporate officers.

  • Ben Russell

    Chairman of the Board
  • Tom Lamberth

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • David Sturdivant

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Steve Forehand

    Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
  • Roger Holliday

    Vice President
  • Dave Commander

    President of Russell Marine
  • Carol Hope Tyler

    Treasurer & Controller

Community Service Dedicated To Strengthening The Community Around Us

From the earliest days of Russell Lands On Lake Martin, the Russell family has understood its role in the community and has made giving back a cornerstone of its corporate culture and guiding philosophy. A legacy of giving lives on.