Celebrate Easter – Celebrate Spring!

Baby with Bunny at Russell Crossroads


This month, Naturalist Marianne Hudson celebrates Easter and spring with her oh-so-cute-and-cuddly bunnies and chicks. Bring the kiddies and your camera. These are some of the most adorable presentations of the year.

Easter Presentations

Saturday, April 8 – 10am–2pm
Saturday, April 15 – 10am–2pm
The Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

Sunday, April 16 – 10am–2pm

Easter means new life – and the gentle innocence of bunnies and chicks reminds us of this holiday’s significance. We will note why these unassuming animals proclaim the Resurrection on this holiest of Christian holidays. Bring your camera and your children or grandchildren to the Naturalist’s Cabin on either the week before Easter (April 8) or the day before Easter (April 15). On Easter Sunday, the Easter animals will be at SpringHouse. This is a great opportunity to observe and photograph the children’s interactions with these traditional symbols of Easter and spring. Appropriate for all ages.

No charge – everyone is welcome! If you have questions for Marianne, she can be contacted at 256.496.2710 or

Guided Nature Tours

Saturday, April 8 – 3pm
Saturday, April 15 – 3pm
Meet at Willow Point Trailhead

Spring is here! This month’s guided nature tours will be the greenest yet in 2017. Come and see how the woods have changed now that warmer weather has arrived. We will still see signs left behind by winter’s touch and discover the ways that Russell Forest life thrives in the spring season. We never know what we’ll find, but this outdoor classroom never disappoints! An energetic hike will offer both learning and exercise. Appropriate for participants ages 5-105.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED! There is a $10 fee for this program.

Please contact our Naturalist at 256-496-2710 to inquire and to register.

For all Guided Nature Tours: It is recommended that participants have a moderate fitness level and are able to stand or walk for at least two hours. Walking pace will be relaxed with frequent stops. Comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes are advised. Participants may also wish to bring bottled water, sunscreen and insect repellent. Binoculars and cameras are welcome. There are no bathrooms on the Forest Trails.


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