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Lake expected to stay at full pool into October

School has started, Labor Day has passed, and, for many, attention has shifted to football schedules. If you haven’t heard, this year, Lake Martin is likely to stay at full pool until October 15. For us lake lovers, this means some of the best times of the year.

The Martin Dam relicensing included a new conditional fall extension of full pool levels, and this year, due to abundant summer rains, we’ll likely see those levels well into October. For boaters, early fall can be one of the most beautiful times on Lake Martin—clear, sunny days, smooth waters, the accumulating brush strokes of autumn colors dotting the shoreline, and the feeling like you have the whole lake all to yourself. Russell Marine locations will still be open seven days a week until October 1, before shifting to a five-day winter schedule.

While you’re here, enjoy a meal with friends and family at SpringHouse, Kowaliga Restaurant or Catherine’s Market then, gather around your firepit. There are still a lot of lake memories to be made here. And, you can still catch the game.


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