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Wildlife Accessories—Fur, Feathers, and Fashion

Published: 02.17.2021

One simply must be well accessorized, and in February, Naturalist Marianne shows us how the wildlife around us do it.

Wildlife Presentation

Saturday, February 27 – 7am-1pm
Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

This month, we’ll discuss what wildlife is wearing these days. Thick fur to protect against the elements, fancy feathers used to attract mates, and antlers used to intimidate rivals: Russell Forest wildlife has got it all. We will examine the features that wildlife uses to meet (and sometimes exceed) its needs and also discuss the ways that humans take advantage of these accessories for our own use. Presentation is hands-on and features lots to touch, hold, and study. Appropriate for all ages—stop by and learn! Come anytime between the hours listed. No charge—everyone is welcome!

*A forest critter will accompany Naturalist Marianne at the start of Russell Forest Run events on February 27.

 If you have questions for Marianne, contact her at 256.496.2710 or [email protected].


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