Announcing our 2018 lake homes

"The Master's Cabin" design


Now is the time to start that 2018 lake place

Lots of people dream of owning a waterfront home on Lake Martin. This year, there seems to be more people looking to buy than there are lake homes to buy. So, they think they have to wait to see next year’s batch of listings. While waiting might make sense for some, we think next year’s supply will fall short of demand.

"Hard Cash" cabin designBecause of the recession, a fairly small number of homes have been built on the lake since 2009. There are notable exceptions where construction has been brisk, such as the Russell Cabins, but construction has been slower than the 2001–2009.

Fewer homes built means fewer resale opportunities. For those looking for style, they find design and décor trends have changed. The houses built in the early 2000s are the new 90s houses—good for its day, but due for new décor. No wonder our new homes have been selling so fast – the designs and décor are vastly different.

We have been listening to our customers and staying tuned to the design and décor trends which continue to evolve. Because of that, we have created a batch of new home designs, and our builder group is geared up to produce a new generation of beautiful lake homes.

The "Y Knot" designStart now and get the 2018 lake home today

Many folks don’t realize this, but if we can get started now, we can have you in your new lake place next summer. We have a great selection of homesites in The Ridge, and we have a great selection of designs for those lots. We can match the plan and lot and get a contractor to produce a turn-key price.

We can orchestrate the process for you if you are worried about building at a distance.  This is what we do!

Check with one of our sales executives at 256.215.7011 to see what we have in our portfolio. Get an early look at 2018 today.

Sneak a peek at a few new designs:

The “Master’s Cabin” renderings and floorplans >

“Hard Cash” renderings and floorplans >

The “Y Knot renderings and floorplans >


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